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Oh man! I am super excited for my first release! I just love these patterns! I think Addie’s picture says it all! I had so much fun with these patterns. The baby testers rocked it out and were so helpful along the way! These three baby patterns do not disappoint! Here is a quick run down of what is freshly downsized for all the SLPco babies!

First Up! Baby Pepper Skirt! This is a super versatile skirt pattern!It is a 2 layered skirt with a peek-a-boo pick up that shows off the 2 ruffles! It has an elastic waistband, so it can grow with your little one. It is super full and has awesome twirl factor! You can dress it up and use lace for the ruffle layers! Too cute!!

Next up is Baby Cheyenne’s Ultimate Ruffle T-shirt! This pattern has SO many options! You can pick sleeveless, short, 3/4 OR long sleeves! You can add ruffles to your sleeves and/or neckline if you want! This is a GREAT staple to have in your PDF collection! You can use this pattern in all seasons! This is great as a layering piece or by itself!

Lastly, you CAN’T miss out on Baby Chloe Ruffle Leggings! I just LOVE ruffle leggings! These leggings will fit like a glove on your little! These can be made as shorties, ruffle capris, ruffle leggings or straight leggings. You can have one ruffle or two and add a ruffle band if you want! You will not need another knit legging pattern! Baby Chloe’s are spectacular!

I hope yall love these patterns! I can’t wait to add more patterns to the SLPco Baby collection! Let me see your SLPco baby pattern creations!! Share them over in the SLPco Fan Group on Facebook or on Instagram and tag @slpco.




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