Color-Blocking Hack

Hello all my sewing friends! 

I’m on the blog today to share some back to school inspiration.  I absolutely adore all of the gorgeous back to school dresses, but my tween does not!  I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who has a daughter who has decided that wearing dresses to school is really not cool anymore.  So, here’s my take on a trendy, but classy back to school look.

Shows the finished color-blocked top

I’ll walk you through how to make this top using Tessa and Dakota.

If you’ve never done color blocking before, I’m here to tell you that it’s the easiest hack that you will ever do.  Don’t be afraid of it!

Start by drawing a line where you want your color blocking and cut your pattern on that line.

Image shows the shirt pattern cut along a line where a color-block is desired

Next, simply cut your fabric out using your new pattern pieces.  Just remember to add your seam allowance to both sides of your color blocking line. 

Image shows the sliced pattern piece on top of fabric with extra length added to account for seam allowance

For this top, I used the Dakota neckline.

Now, just sew your two pieces right sides together.

Image shows color-blocked fabric cut, facing right-sides together for sewing

Press the seam toward the top of the garment, and topstitch. 

Image shows cut, color-blocked fabric sewn together, and seam allowance pressed up and top stitched

Easy as that!  

If you’d like to add a pocket, draw your pocket the size that you desire on a piece of paper.  Cut it out on the fold and add a seam allowance to the non-folded edges.

Image shows a pocket shape with the text "fold" at the top of the pocket piece. Fabric lays underneath the pattern piece with extra fabric on all sides (except side cut on fold) to account for seam allowance

Fold your pocket right sides together and sew the raw edges, leaving a 1 inch gap for turning.  Turn and topstitch.  Stitch a line 1 inch from the top of the pocket.

Image shows pocket sewn right-sides together, turned right side out

Sew your pocket to your shirt.  (If you have very stretchy or slippery fabric, it can help to use hem tape to secure the pocket to the shirt before stitching.)

Image shows pocket placed on front of the shirt and top stitched on.

Now all you have to do is finish your shirt according to the Tessa instructions, omitting the facing.  Use the Dakota instructions for the band.

And that’s all there is to it!  A quick, easy, and trendy top.  I paired this one with Emilya’s skinny pants and it’s an instant favorite!

Image shows model wearing final garment

Happy back to school sewing!

Image shows model wearing final garment, reading a book.

– Tamar.


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