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Phat Quarter’s Minshan blog tour

Welcome to the start of the Minshan blog tour! I am the first one up and we sure do have a lot of amazing projects to share with you! Be sure to follow the Phat Quarters Minshan Blog Tour HERE.

First, I want to share a little bit about Lewis & Irene and this fabric line. Lewis & Irene are donating part of the proceeds from this fabric line to Act for Wildlife, led by Chester Zoo in the UK to help protect Giant Pandas & Red Pandas in their natural habitat. So not only are you getting cute fabric, you are helping out a great cause.

For more information about this group, click HERE.

I am new to Lewis & Irene fabric, but I have seen many of their collections around. Their fabric is a nice quilting weight cotton. It is very soft, not stiff and scratchy and sews up so nicely! The print I choose was “Lanterns in Slate” you can find it in the PQ shop here. I have a very good reason for why I choose this print. My girls LOVE the movie Tangled and have always loved the lanterns so I thought this was a good fabric for my lantern-loving girl. Sorry about the horrible pictures, I just got a new camera and can’t figure it out for the life of me – I *THOUGHT* I was getting good ones. haha.


I wanted to do something special to make the dress stand out a little more. I have been wanting to play with my decorative stitches lately and found these little circles. I thought it would keep with the Asian feel of the fabric line and was the perfect pizzaz to add to the back straps. I used my “Brenda’s Bow Back Dress” pattern and left off the bows to keep with the Asian feel. I love making the Brenda Top & Dress, it is so fast and you can create so many different feels/looks with the one pattern.  I absolutely love how this dress turned out and my daughter Rayann has worn it twice already!

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