Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

SLPco Showcase: Shooting for the Stars

My daughter, a lover of space and adventure, an aspiring astronaut with an eye for fashion and style! I admire her passion for life and determined spirit. When I have an opportunity to create a wardrobe piece that embodies all that she is, it’s perfection… Hello, Molly!

My daughter loves Star Wars, so I ordered this lovely custom woven from Knitorious Fabrics. I knew I wanted to pair it with a pattern that would mirror the structured costumes of Star Wars characters, and the Molly’s wrap-around collar fit the bill perfectly. The gathered skirt softens the look with a little girly flair but the gray solid fabric stays true to the theme. I used metal utility snaps for the closures to add a shiny embellishment to the already lovely scoop back. My daughter requested the top version, so we decided to pair it with SLPCo’s Sarah Ann’s Cuff Leggings to complete the look. I added the cuff ruffle to mimic the gathered skirt of the Molly top. It is simply darling!Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

Like most sewists, I am a creative. I love the creative process of planning and sewing a project, and I enjoy photographing what I have made – both to document my achievements and to capture the ones I love wearing a me-made piece. I knew that I wanted to do something outside my normal shoot for this Star Wars inspired Molly session. I wanted a location with a contemporary feel – tons of metal, symmetry, and lines. I Google searched images for modern buildings in my area and immediately found our spot: the central library. WHAT? The building is gorgeous and well worth the 25 minute drive downtown. It offered nine (yes, NINE) stories of both indoor and outdoor backdrops, with tons of floor-to-ceiling windows shedding beautiful, filtered light. There was an endless supply of leading lines and framing …Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

fun art and sculptures for dramatic backdrops,Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

impromptu (but completely theme appropriate) props,Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

and it was simply a perfect location to showcase the Molly in an uptown, futuristic, sci-fi vibe!Simple Life Pattern Company Showcase

My daughter loves her new top and capris and is excited to wear it on her school’s Star Wars theme day. I think all the little girls will want a Molly! I hope this SLPCo Showcase inspires you to create something wonderfully unique for someone special in your life. I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone with this project, and I encourage you to ‘shoot for the stars’ with an upcoming project!

Happy sewing, Melissa


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