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Welcome to the latest stop on the Avantgarde Fabrics Blog Tour!! I’m so honored to be a part of this blog tour and to be able to have my creations paired up with all of these remarkably talented people! Katarina Roccella’s latest fabric line is bold, edgy, vibrant and fresh! And intimidating!! I have to confess that when I first saw these fabrics I was drawn to the vibrancy of the colors and scared at the same time. The bold patterns pushed me outside my comfort zone!

Ali Brorsen and I decided that we were going to do our looks with Avantgarde Fabrics using patterns from Ali went for an edgy, funky look that is just so hip! I went for the softer side of Avantgarde. I was inspired by the butterflies and the vibrant tones.

For my first look, I used my Daphne Double Skirt pattern and made a skirt with the Steps Above Prism for the top tier and Fluxus Ochre for the underskirt (even the fabric names are so cool!). I paired this skirt with a simple knit top that I adapted from the Saige dress pattern! I layered a super sweet crop jacket (I’m still developing this pattern, don’t you love it?). For the jacket I used Neo-Flies Dense for the outer jacket and lined it with Uninhibited Bask. The Neo-Flies fabrics are covered with small butterflies… and we’ll come back to that in a minute. How gorgeous is this outfit? Mia calls it her rainbow skirt. This is the best rainbow skirt I’ve ever seen! Mia’s clip is by Chickapee Creations!

I am so glad I have twins because I got to do a second look! Eek!! I’ve been working on this pattern for ages and I promise it is coming soon. This Hailey, yet to be released, dress was made using the Neo-Flies in Profound and I added inset ruffles using scraps from the Steps Above Prism. The color is simply stunning!

I do have to give a huge shout out of thanks to Mandy from Little Lady Accessories. She dropped everything and made me this stunning wreath to go with the dress. Can you see the little butterflies? We’ll come back to the butterflies!

So with my looks complete we headed off to the Butterfly Garden!! Can you see the butterflies?

We had so much fun checking out the gorgeous butterflies!! Mia was just a little afraid of them…

But what was clear, Katarina captured the intensity of the colors found in butterflies!! Simply gorgeous!!

Off to see more butterflies!!

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