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Cora Sew Along – Day 4

Welcome back to day four of the Cora sew-along. Today is going to be short and sweet. For day four we will complete steps 22 through 23.

Creating Casings

Before we can add the elastic to our back bodice, we need to create casings to hold the elastic. Begin by laying your back bodice in front of you so that the right side is facing up. Using the top folded edge as a guide, measure down 1/2″ from the top edge. Mark a guideline across your back bodice from side seam to side seam. Stitch across the guideline, making sure to follow along the curve of the back bodice.

For sizes 6/9 months and up, measure up 3/4″ from the bottom raw edge of your bodice and draw another guideline across the back. Stitch straight across the back bodice on this guideline. Next, measure up 3/8″ from that bottom stitch line and sew another straight line across your bodice. Note: you should now have 2 elastic casings.

Inserting Elastic

To insert the elastic attach a safety pin to one of the elastic strips. Starting with the top casing, feed the elastic through using the safety pin. Stop feeding the elastic through the casing when you have 1/4″ of elastic outside of the side seam. Stitch the elastic in place along the side seam. Note: make sure to backstitch several times to secure the elastic in place.  Continue to feed the elastic through the top casing until it is 1/4″ outside the opposite side seam. Likewise, stitch the elastic in place along the side seam, making sure to backstitch several times. Repeat these steps for the bottom casing.

Day 4 Progress

That’s it for day four! We’ll pick back up tomorrow and finish our sew-along by adding the skirt. Don’t forget to upload your daily progress photo into the sew-along album for a chance at FREE shop credit! See you tomorrow.

Happy sewing,




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