Hair Bow (Three Different Sizes)- A Free Pattern

Hey everyone! Kristen here, and I am super stoked to show you all a freebie I have been working on…….. HAIR BOWS!!

I am a firm believer that the bigger the bow the better! I definitely kept that motto in mind when designing this pattern. You just cannot go wrong with a big girly bow!!

There is absolutely no better way to finish off your newest SLPco creation then with a coordinating hair bow. This hair bow comes in three different sizes: large, medium, and small/ piggy. The large is perfect for adding hand embroidery and the small/ piggy size is perfect for babies or as a piggy set for the bigger girls.

Download and print your pattern pieces HERE!!


What You Will Need:

  • ¼ yd of fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Clip, hair tie, or headband


Let’s Get Started!


Lay your bow piece wrong side up.

Take one of the short raw ends and fold it over ¼” wrong sides touching. Press flat.

Fold the piece in half width wise right sides touching and lightly press.

Sew along the long raw edge.

Turn the bow piece inside out and press it in such a way that the long seam is now in the middle of the bow piece and not the edge.

With the seam side facing up, fold the ends in and insert the raw short end into the folded short end. The raw end should now be enclosed.

Using 1/8″ seam allowance sew the folded edge closed. Set it aside.

Take your two tail pieces and lay them on top of each other RST.

Transfer the markings from the pattern piece to the fabric. I chose to mark mine using pins.

Sew the tail pieces together around the raw edges leaving the space between the markings/ pins unsewn.

Clip the corners.

Turn the tail inside out and push all the corners out. Make sure your unsewn gap’s seam allowance is tucked in. Press flat.

Top stitch your gap shut using ⅛” seam allowance. ONLY SEW THE GAP PORTION. Set it aside.

Now take your center piece and fold it in half width wise right sides touching. Press flat.

Sew along the short edge, then turn and sew down the long edge. Leave one short edge unsewn.

Clip the corners and trim half of the seam allowance.

Turn it inside out and press flat. Set aside.

Take your bow piece and make sure the vertical seam is directly in the center.

Flip it over where the seam is in the back.

Fold your bow five times: one at the center and two on either side of the center fold (think paper fan). Cut a piece of thread approximately 12” long and wrap it around the center of the bow three times and tie off. Do not trim the excess thread.

NOTE: For the small/ piggy size you will only fold three times.

Next lay your tail piece down with the long points on the bottom. Fold it in half to find the center.


Fold it five times like you did the bow. Secure the tail to the bow using the excess thread hanging from the bow. Wrap it around three times and tie off. You will want the tail to be below and slightly behind the bow.

NOTE: For the small/ piggy size you will only fold three times.

Now lay your bow down with the back facing up. Lay your center piece behind it with the enclosed end up and your raw edge down.

Take your clip, hair tie, or head band and lay it at the center. For the clip I like to clip it to the raw edge side of the center piece (it makes the hot glue process easier).

NOTE:  You will want to check the length of the center piece. Lay the raw edge over and overlap it with the enclosed edge by ½”. If your center piece is too long you will need to trim the raw edge end down.

Now hot glue the raw edge end down. Make sure your clip, hair tie, or head band is in between the bow and the center piece.

Next, hot glue the enclosed end down. If using a clip, open the clip up and lay the enclosed end down between the clip.

You can now make slight adjustments to the bow and tail pieces by lightly tugging! If you are making the small, medium, or large hair bow you are done! If making the piggy set repeat the process.

You Did It!!!
You have just completed your hair bow!! I am DYING to see your creations, so be sure to post them in the SLPco Facebook group and use #SLPCO on Instagram!




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