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How To Add Ruffles to the Maggie Suspenders

Hi everyone! Tara here, back with a super simple, but super cute hack! While looking for back to school inspiration the other day, I saw a pair of shorts with ruffle suspenders, and fell head over heels! I loved the idea of making them in a fun woven for everyday, or in velvet or corduroy for holidays. Maggie’s High-waisted Shorts is the perfect pattern to create this look! So let’s print our patterns, and get started!
First we will need to cut out our pattern. Choose your options, and cut your pieces following the pattern, including suspenders. Once your pattern is cut, lay out the fabric you’ll use for your ruffles. The width and fullness of the ruffle are to your preference.  For a less full ruffle multiply your suspender strap length by 1.5. For a full ruffle (as pictured on our dino shorts) multiply suspender length by 2. I chose to have a finished ruffle width of roughly 1.5inches, so I cut 2 ruffles at 48″x 2.25″. Once your ruffles are cut, set aside. Sew up your shorts following the pattern. Once you reach the suspenders step, come back here!
We will do our suspender straps differently than in the pattern. Take each suspender piece and fold in half lengthwise. Press. Now, fold the width ends (short ends) in 3/8″ and press. Next, along the length raw edges (long sides), press in 3/8″. Fold the straps in half again, and press. Set aside. The pressed in edges will become our seam allowance.
The way you finish the outer edge of your ruffle is also up to your preference. For this pair of Maggie’s I used canvas, so as to lessen bulk I serged (you can also zig zag stitch) the outer edge. Next fold the serged edge over to the wrong side 1/4″, press, and topstitch close to the edge. Once both ruffle edges are topstitched, sew two gathering stitches at 1/4″ and 1/2″ along the raw edge side.
Get your suspender strap pieces again, and fold in half short end to short end to find the middle. Mark with a clip or fabric marker. Find the halfway point of your ruffle piece, as well, and mark with a clip or pin. Measure up 3/4″ from the bottom and top edges of your suspender strap, and mark with a fabric marker. This mark will be where the ruffle ends. Pin your ruffle middle to your strap middle along the edge of your folded in seam allowance, and then pull your gathers tight along both strings. Take the end of your ruffle piece and find where you marked 3/4″ up. Pin the edge of the ruffle at an angle so that it will be tucked in completely when the suspender strap is closed. Adjust your gathers along the suspender so they are even. Repeat with the other strap, taking care to make it a mirror image of the other if you are using a directional fabric. Baste the ruffles in place on each strap. (Optional is to trim the inner corner of the ruffle end to lessen bulk inside the strap once you have basted the ruffle in place)
Fold the straps in half lengthwise and press again. Pin the strap edges in place all the way around. Topstitch all the way around your strap edge. As you’ll notice, I did a double stitch along the ruffle edge. Doing the double stitch put my mind at ease that I would catch all parts of the ruffle.
Finally, return to your pattern, and add your button holes. Once button holes are completed, grab your seam ripper and remove all string ends and visible gathering stitches.
You’re done! Attach your ruffle straps to your shorts and you now have the cutest pair of Maggie shorts with a little extra flare!
Thank you for following along! I can’t wait to see all of the looks you create! I loved how easily the Lydia leo paired with Maggie, especially!
*Maggie fabric is Esoterra canvas by Katarina Roccella provided by Art Gallery Fabrics.


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