How to Add Pom Poms to your Sloane Socks

Sloane is a beginner friendly knit sewing pattern. This adorable sock pattern makes not only a great scrap buster but also quick, fantastic handmade gift.  In this blog post I’ll be sharing with you a few ways to personalize your Sloane socks. This classic pattern is super easy to embellish in so many adorable ways!  

To add hanging pom poms you will need the following: 


-A large gauge needle 

– Pom Poms with string holes (such as these found at  JoAnn )

-Fray Check (optional) 

– Two ¼” strips of fabric 6” long 

Follow the Sloane pattern and stop before attaching your bands.  Knot one end of your ¼” strip. I prefer to repeat with a second knot and then apply a small dab of Fray Check for security.  

Thread the opposite end of the strip through the needle.  Push your needle through the pom poms one at a time. Remove the plastic string hole with each as you thread.  

Once both pom poms are on your strip, tie a knot on the open side. Repeat the above with the second strip and trim off any excess fabric. 

Fold your strip in half to find the center.  You will pin this center point to the exterior facing side seam of both socks. Place a small basting stitch within the seam allowance to hold in place. 

To finish your Sloane, continue to follow per pattern instructions. There you have it! That was super easy right? 

Don’t you love how simple that was to add? How about try these adorably perfect options?

Hand sew on single pom pom to the back band of the ankle length.  

Use a little stretch lace trim to give Sloane a vintage touch.

One of my favorite looks was Stephany Monroe’s stretch fur band.  

I hope this has provided a little bit of “sewspiration”.  Doesn’t everyone just adore happy feet?!?! 

Xo -Heather 


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