Valentines Applique

Hey Lovelies this is Stephany and I’m here with a blog all about Valentine’s Day and appliqués. Have you ever dabbled with appliqués? I am still fairly new to them. I have found out they are not bad. They actually are way easier then I would have ever thought. Don’t worry if this is your first time you too will be like whoa “I’m using this on everything!”

You can add this adorable heart pocket applique to many patterns, featured in this post is the Sapphire Top.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite time to use appliqués. I love being able to add hearts on to any part of the fabric or using it as pockets. Another thing I like is being able to use colored thread. Having the thread stand out is so much fun as you can see the stitches but it doesn’t have to be extra pretty as long as it stays on and your stitches are tight. I have found the most important thing is using a backing to stabilize whatever your appliqué is. There are a few choices I like to use. I am no expert though these are things I have found work for me and hopefully they too can work for you!

Pictured from left to right (fusible fleece, light interfacing, cotton woven)
There are 3 options I choose for a backing when doing appliqués.

  1. Fusible fleece as it is thicker and raises the appliqués up a little more. Also it gives a tad bit more structure
  2. light/medium fusible interfacing. This will give a slight structure. I like to use this when using a thicker fabric for the garment and a thinner fabric for the appliqués.
    Both of these options require an iron. They fuse to the fabric creating it to stay together as one piece.
  3. The last option I think everyone has in their sewing stash is cotton woven. This option works but is not my favorite as the fabric and the backing don’t fuse together. I usually use a basting stitch around the edge so they stay together. Or you could use a regular stitch very close to the
    edge and it will be covered in the end. The stitches that can be used are up to your imagination. Especially if you have one of those extra
    machines that have all the cool stitches. I personally like a tight zigzag as most swing machines have this stitch. Give or take a little depending on how tight I want the stitch. As you can see in mine I didn’t do them super tight but tight enough so it won’t be ripped off!

4. Now go and place your appliqué on the fabric you plan to use. Make sure to place them on fabric that has not been sewn up yet as it is easier to sew on your machine. When it is finished you will be so proud you won’t believe you just made your first appliqué!
Valentines Day will bring a whole new meaning to your sewing imagination and you will have hearts all over!

Happy Valentines Day! May your day be filled with lots of love!

*This gorgeous fabric is from Emerald Curtain Fabric it is on pre-order
from 2/10/2021-2/22/2021


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