Denver showcase: A Valentine’s Day sweater

There’s something special about creating a fun and practical item that you know your kids will wear way past the special day it was sewn for. This Denver fits the bill! Since sewing it a week ago my daughter has worn it twice and requested I wash it quickly so she could show it to her friends at daycare!

Denver is filled with options and details to showcase multiple fabrics, fun prints or even a panel for the center front-piece. For this Valentine’s Day sweater I chose some pretty cotton lycra jersey penguins to be the center of attention, added a dainty stripe in the same fabric base and black ribbing and solid for the pockets, neckband and cuffs.

Now the puzzle begins, where do all those pretty fabric go since there’s so many color blocking options? To me keeping in mind that I wanted the penguins to be the center of attention made things clear. The front and back middle panels would have that print since they were the center of the garment. Also having the option to add color blocking to the sleeves was a fun detail as it would really show off a couple of penguins and their heart shaped balloons.

Now that I knew where each fabric would go, it was time to choose which other options I wanted to incorporate for my daughter’s sweater. I knew she would love the thumbhole cuffs since she asked me months ago to sew a sweater with those! If you are wondering how a 4 year old decide she wants thumbhole cuff, she saw her educator with a sweater like that and told herself it would solve all her winter mittens rubbing on her skin problems. So maybe you should try that option if your kid is sensitive when it comes to clothes!

Another easy to choose option was using the fun side pockets that are included in the pattern. What kid doesn’t want to carry around little toys and plushies with them? I chose to band them since I had matching ribbing but you could also hem the top if you prefer, there’s an option for everyone’s liking! I particularly enjoy that I could sew the whole sweater on my serger and didn’t need my sewing machine or coverstitch!

I’ve seen Denver paired with a couple of Unwind joggers and that’s totally adorable but for this look I chose to sew a pair of classic black Tiffany leggings with adorable red bows. I know she’ll be able to wear them a lot and since her little sister got herself a pair recently she’s been asking for some (siblings!).

So for what special occasion are you going to sew your next Denver sweater? Share your thoughts and final makes with us in the Simple Life facebook group.

Aurore Dumaine