Holiday Aria and Blaire Mash-Up

Hi sewing friends!  It’s Tamar on the blog today with an Aria/Blaire Christmas dress!  Christmas dresses are one of my favorite things to sew.  The colors, the glitter, the ornate overlays, I just love all of it! 

This year I made the happy discovery that Blaire’s high low skirt is a beautiful and easy addition to so many dress patterns.  All you have to do is gather the skirt and sew it to a bodice instead of to a waistband.  It gives any dress an elegant feel.  And you can use either knit or woven for Blaire’s high low skirt.  If you are attaching it to a woven bodice however, you will need to add a placket in the back as per your instructions on your woven dress pattern.

I used a polyester lycra knit for the bottom layer and a chiffon for the overlay.  I cut both the knit and the chiffon on the pattern line for woven fabric because I wanted to sew my gathering stitches through both layers and gather them together as one.  When you gather an overlay together with the bottom layer, it lays flatter.  If you want more poof, you can gather the overlay separately from the bottom layer and sew the layers together after you gather them.

I chose to mash Blaire with Aria for this dress.  I just love the bow details and thought the bows would nicely tie my contrasting fabric choices together.

How about you?  Have you planned any Christmas dress sews?  I hope I was able to give you a few ideas and inspiration! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing