How to create a fun v-neck swing dress. 

Hi! I am Tiffani and I call Arizona my home! I have two adult sons that I sew for (my youngest is more receptive than my oldest)! I also love to sew for me!!! My husband is an amazing photographer, so it is a perfect creative match. I love swing dresses. You can dress them up or down. I love Harper, but really was dreaming of a V-Neck swing dress. But…V-necks are super hard. Well there is where I was wrong! Sapphire makes a v-neck super easy and it looks so pulled together. BONUS- if you join the fan group on facebook, you can grab the coupon code and get the Harper pattern free!
To get started, select your fabric and size. You may need to blend, and you won’t want to cut into your favorite custom fabric just yet. I always make a fit, and if I can wear it, then BONUS!!
We will be using the Sapphire neckline and sleeves, and the skirt portion of the Harper.
Cut out the sleeves and the neckline. Set these aside for the time being. Now it is time for the fun part of combining! I cut my Harper at the lengthen/shorten line (I had to adjust for height). Your Harper bodice will now be in two parts (upper bodice and lower dress)  I used this top portion of the bodice to line up my pattern pieces. Place the Harper on top of the Sapphire, align at the underarm point.
Now we will slide the Harper bodice over so that the cut on fold lines are aligned.
At this point, you will want to remove the top portion of the Harper, make sure the portion of the bottom of the Harper stays in place. . Remember, we are using the neckline for the Sapphire.
Now we will blend into the Harper starting at the underarm of the Sapphire.
Select your length for the Harper. Now you will cut out your front bodice.
You will repeat these steps for the back bodice.
Now for the construction! Follow the bodice construction in the tutorial for the Sapphire.
You should now have a very impressive (no one else needs to know how easy the v-neck was!) new swing dress!
Enjoy — Tiffani