How To: Sew With Stretch Lace

Hi sewing friends!  It’s Tamar from Tamar Hope Designs!  I’m excited to be on the blog today to give you a few tips for sewing with stretch lace!  Using stretch lace is a simple way to elevate your sewing creations.  It allows you to create a very sophisticated look using simple patterns.

And it’s not hard to sew with stretch lace.  It’s actually very fun!  For this top, I used Cheyenne, so I’ll give you tips based on that pattern.  However, these tips could be applied to any top or bodice that you choose!  

Let’s dive in!  

Step 1:

First, cut the front and back pieces out of both the stretch lace and a knit.

Step 2:

Cut the sleeves out of the stretch lace.  

Step 3:

Cut the neckband out of a knit with good stretch and recovery.

Note: My stretch lace only had a 25% stretch, so I sized up one size.

Step 4:

Treat the lace overlay and the knit pieces as one when sewing the shoulder seams and side seams.  You can baste the lace pieces to the knit pieces to keep them together if you like.

Step 5:

After attaching the sleeves, press the seam allowance toward the neckline.  Tack the seam allowance to the shoulder seam, by stitching in the ditch.

When sewing the sleeve seam you want a dainty seam as it will show through the sheer lace.  If you use a serger, use a narrow three thread balanced stitch.  If you use a stretch stitch, trim the seam allowance to ⅛”.  If you use a serger, thread the serger tail back through the seam.

Stretch lace will not unravel, so you don’t have to hem the sleeves.  I like to trim the bottom of the sleeve along the features of the lace to give it a delicate finish.

Step 6:

Finally, treat the lace and knit as one when heming the top.  I like to serge around the bottom of the shirt to keep the layers together.  (You could also baste the layers together).  Then turn up the hem allowance and edge stitch with a twin needle or coverstitch.

I hope this gave you the confidence to try adding a stretch lace overlay to your favorite patterns.  Happy Sewing!


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