Layer Up with Ayda and Isla

Hey all! Tara here to showcase another Layer-Up combo! How beautiful are Isla and Ayda paired together?! The unique backs of Simple Life dresses are one of my favorite things, and these two together are such a perfect combination.
Isla is a staple in my Simple Life sewing. Between my three girls I have made every combo there is! When I sewed this Isla, knowing it would be paired with a summery overlay, I pictured it with the sweet flutters peeking out of a sleeveless Ayda. As we are in a warmer climate, I went with the 3/4 sleeve found in the Isla pattern to combine with the flutters. This will give my girlie a little extra warmth, while not being too warm. Absolutely perfect for Fall! Then, as we transition into Winter the long-sleeved version of Isla will be perfect to pair with an Ayda overlay.
Ayda has several sleeve options; the sleeveless option not only makes for a quick sew, but a lightweight dress perfect for all of the summery activities. Once fall begins to arrive these dresses tend to go to one side of my girls’ closets. I can often convince them to pair with a cardigan (such as the SLPCo Tiegan), but tossing it over a simple Isla is not only adorable, but functional! A little extra warmth, and a lot of extra cuteness! I also loved what a sweet pinafore look Ayda had once over the top of Isla (especially with the curved bodice option of Isla allowing for the dramatic back to peek out below the skirt of Ayda). A beautiful everyday look, or with a different fabric choice it could be quite elegant for a holiday or party!
After sewing up both, knowing they would be paired together, things I would note before cutting future ones are fabric weight, and sizing. Pictured are both Isla and Ayda sewn in the same size. I did not size Ayda up at all to create this look. Though both Ayda and Isla have lined bodices, this did not make for bulky wearing. I chose a lightweight cotton lycra for Isla. I do believe that if I had chosen a heavier weight CL (such as a custom) it could have made it necessary to size up in Ayda. The woven I chose for Ayda has beautiful pops of watercolor throughout the design, so for my Isla I chose a simple solid, with the intention of sewing several more solid Isla’s for mixing and matching. Wouldn’t that make for a perfect capsule? Several solid Isla’s, and print Ayda’s or vice versa, that you could mix and match throughout the cooler seasons?
Thank you for sharing in my love of Isla and Ayda! I hope this gives you a little inspiration, and I absolutely cannot wait to see your Layer-ups! Please share in the Simple Life Patterns Fan Group on facebook!
Happy Sewing,


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