Norah & Shelby Sew Along – Day 4

Hey sewing friends! Did you see what released yesterday? BABY SHELBY! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to have this pattern available now. My daughter’s favorite part are the pockets. She loved placing daffodils in them when we were taking promo photos. So, today we are working on adding pockets, which are sure to please your little girls too!

Norah Pockets

If you are adding pockets to your gathered circle skirt, you will work through steps 22 through 27 today. You should have cut the angled pocket line on your skirt pieces when you cut your fabric on day 1. However, if you didn’t cut then, simply start by folding your front skirt piece in half. Take the pocket lining and align it along the top and sides of the skirt. Make certain before you cut along the angle of the pocket lining that you are cutting on the raw edge side and not the folded edge.

Next, place your lining piece on the skirt with right sides facing. Align the top and side of the pocket with the top and side of the skirt. Sew the pieces together along the angle. Press the pocket lining away from the skirt. Lay the pocket bag on top of the pocket lining with right sides together. Align along the curved edges. Sew along the bottom and side of the pocket.

Topstitch along the angle of the pocket on your skirt fabric 1/8″ from the edge. Be sure that you are only sewing through the skirt and pocket lining pieces. Otherwise, if you sew through all three layers, this will close the pocket! Baste the top and side of your pocket to the skirt to prevent any shifting when sewing your skirt pieces together. Finally, place your front skirt piece on top of your back skirt piece with right sides together. Sew/serge along the two side seams.

Shelby Pockets

For those of you adding pockets to Shelby, you only have 5 steps to complete today!

Circle Skirt Pocket Cutout

When cutting your circle skirt, there are cut lines for the optional pockets on the pattern. You should have made these cutouts on day 1. Start by laying your skirt pieces on top of each other with right sides touching. Sew/serge along the side seams from the bottom of the pocket cut to the hem.

Gathered Skirt Pocket Cutout

If you are adding pockets to your gathered skirt version, fold your skirt pieces in half, matching the side seams. Place your pocket lining piece on top of your skirt and align along the top and side seams. Cut out the angled rectangle from the top corner. Make certain you are cutting on the raw edge side, not the folded edge. You need to make cuts on both your front and back skirt pieces. Sew/serge along the side seams from the bottom of the pocket cut to the hem.

Both Skirt Options Continued

Continue by laying your pocket lining on top of skirt pieces with right sides together along the side seams. Align your lining piece with the skirt along the top, angled, and bottom edge of the pocket opening. Sew along the pocket opening using a stretch stitch. Clip the corners while making sure not to clip through any stitches. Flip the lining in toward the wrong side of the skirt and press.

Next, place the pocket bag on top of the pocket lining with right sides touching. Match up the two pieces and sew in place. Make sure you are only sewing the pocket bag to the pocket lining. You are not sewing anything to the skirt pieces in this step.

Finally, make sure the pocket and skirt are lying flat. You should not have any fabric puckering or pulling. Pin the skirt the pocket piece along the top and baste in place. This will hold everything in place when you attach your skirt to your bodice.

Daily Progress

Now you’ve finished adding pockets! I’ve uploaded a video of how to add pockets to Shelby in the fan group to help guide you. Don’t forget to upload your daily progress photos into the sew-along album for a chance to win a daily participation prize. I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we will finish our gorgeous makes!


Happy pocket sewing,



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