Pattern Mash Up: Kyra + Juniper

Happy August! I can’t believe I’m saying those words! Summer is coming to a close but we are still rocking the summer clothing around here. Today I’m going to show you how I did a mash up of Kyra with Juniper to get the cutest summer romper! I used the shorts version, but you can use the pants option to get even longer wear out of it this year!

First things first, I pulled up the bodice patterns for each pattern. I am using a projector file, but if you are printing, you’ll want to print both bodices for this step. Next, measure the length of the bodice of Juniper and marked that length on my Kyra bodice piece. Then cut the Kyra bodice at that point and cut the rest of the bodice as usual.

It was easier to remove the same amount of length off the bottom of the back of the Kyra. I measure the exact amount that I removed from the front of the Kyra piece and took that off the back piece. Then cut out the rest as usual.

Cut the lining of the front and back bodice in the same fashion. I find sometimes when hacking a pattern, it is easier to use the first piece as a pattern piece for the next. So I laid my main pieces of the lining and cut around them.

Cut out the Juniper shorts/pants pattern pieces as normal. You should now have a modified front and back bodice of Kyra, front and back linings, and the short/pant pieces.

Assemble top according to the instructions for Kyra and the bottom according to the instructions for Juniper. Gather the shorts/pants to be the same size as the bottom of the Kyra bodice.

Attach the bottoms to the bodice, hem and you’re done! This adorable romper is one my daughter’s new favorites because she “doesn’t have to match them” in the mornings. HAHA!

I can’t wait to see what you create! Don’t forget to share in our Facebook Group! Thanks for reading!


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