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Stitch Fix # 33 review

Hey y’all….. I am back with another box of goodies from Stitch Fix. Let me tell you – I have never been so happy with my stylist. Tiff is super amazing and I hope she stays with me forever now that I finally found someone who gets me. This fix I only received tops. In my note from Tiff she mentioned that there were no light denim pants longer than a 28″ inseam in stock – so it is what it is. It’s so nice to know she actually reads what I write, checks out my Pinterest board (which I update every fix and try to keep the amount of pins to a minimum) and responds back with why I didn’t get something I requested.  So, as always – super busy – I should be finishing up a quilt right now for Art Gallery Fabrics so we are skipping all the chit chat today. I will just say, I knew when this box shipped and I peeked, that it was a 5 out of 5. Sure enough, it is. The only one I am on the fence about is the sweater (you will see why in a bit), but I am sure I will keep it anyways.


Lets start off with my favorite item in the whole fix. I have come to LOVE Daniel Rainn. I have many shirts from this brand now and I always wear them. This is the highly sought after Vivieene floral print sleeveless blouse. It comes with a blue tank attached so that cobalt blue really pops. I am glad too because I don’t have any tanks that would do that. I always end up ripping those out though because after one wash – its a hot mess trying to get it back together.  Can you see how much I love this top! It is totally me. Cobalt is my favorite color right now and of course, you know me and my florals! The top is slightly sheer (hence the attached tank inside it) but not as sheer as I originally thought. the fit is amazing. Not too tight, not too baggy to look sloppy. The back is slightly longer – covering the tush area. I love that for jeans but come spring, I usually have a harder time with the high low tops covering my shorts, just looks odd sometimes. We will see soon (come on Spring…….).


Now lets talk about this adorable Market & Spruce green/ pale pink top. I have seen this SO much lately and I even had it pinned for a few months. I took it down and then I get it. Hehe. The Sobrina ruffle detail split neck blouse is really nice. Its not a favorite but it is so darn comfortable. For me, I feel it is a tad short (I am 5’7″) to wear with jeans – i kinda got used to having those high/low blouses and tunics so when I put this on it just feels short. BUT – these are the kind of tops I LOVE to wear with shorts. I don’t like my tops to be too long in the spring and summer. Can you see why I cant shop for myself yet???? I am a PITA. Anywho – keeper for sure – love it – will wear it a ton this summer.

Lets jump to this adorable tie front blouse in my FAVORITE color. This Goldray Ellenson tie front top is just a gorgeous shade of blue. I loved this from the first sneak peek. I was worried about that front knot though – I am already a bigger girl and the last thing I want to do is draw more attention to my stomach. I love how easy this is to wear, so comfortable. I had to tie the knot as tight as I could (the knot will stay), in order to get it to look decent. Once I did that, I really started to like this. I work from home and I really feel like this top screams “office” attire (the most “office” I get is facetime calls…. haha – and I usually throw a cardigan over my tank and yoga pants – no one will ever know….). A little more fancy than I usually like to dress but I dont have too many “fancy” things in my wardrobe so this is for sure a keeper. Here you can see it on me – its not a fitted top, not baggy either. Just not much shape to it. I dont have much of a curvy waist so this doesnt flatter me as much as I thought it would.


So when I posted my style cards the other day in the BST group, everyone wanted to see this Market and Spruce Tanna ruffle sleeve top on. I didn’t know what to really expect. I love the flirty-ness of this top- great for a night out with the hubs. I was thinking it was going to  be a light weight cotton. I was so surprised when it came in! Me being a seamstress, I should know what type of fabric this is but I don’t! It’s a very light weight cotton/nylon/spandex blend. It has amazing structure, about 20% stretch with perfect recover and it is silky feeling. Whatever this is, I want tons more of this fabric because the drape and silkiness is amazing.

Okay – lets check out this sweater I was talking about earlier. The Pixley Fallen twist back plunging v neck. First, I don’t like beige (some tried to say it is light pink…. whatever – its just not a good color on me – and its too boring for my big personality. That is, until you see the back. It has this really cool twist in the back. I knew immediately I will be wearing a tank under it since my high mom jeans would look funny. That, and it is cold here so I do need to actually wear a sweater for warmth. I wanted to show you a view without the tank too for those that dare to bare. I am keeping this for the discount for sure – as far as re-selling it on the BST group – not 100% yet. I think I need to dig for some cuter camis and see if I have anything I like to wear under it – maybe a pop of navy or olive green??? PS – don’t mind the piss poor decisions on my back…. one day I will get them removed – haha.

Well, that’s all I have for you now. If you are wanting to try Stitch Fix, you can use my referral code, which will give me a store credit at no cost to you. YAY for both of us. Oh – if you like what I have blogged about lately – be sure to request Tiff – SHE IS THE BEST.

Happy Shopping,

Katie Skoog




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