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How to Add a Kangaroo Pocket to Trixie

Hey y’all! If you ask any of my girls what feature they love most on a dress, the answer will be “it has pockets! Look!”.  Trixie has seam pockets included in the pattern, but Becca made us a Kangaroo pocket add-on too!! I’ll walk you through adding this quick, but super cute new pocket to your Trixies.
First, print out the Kangaroo piece and cut your fabric for Trixie. (Download the Pocket Pattern HERE)
Before starting the pattern tutorial, take your front bodice pattern and find the pocket marking on the outer edge. Draw a straight line across the width of your pattern piece. This will be the marking we use to place our Kangaroo piece. Lay the pattern on top of your front bodice piece and mark your fabric at the folded side. Make sure to mark a couple inches on both sides of the fabric with a fabric marking pen or pencil.
Next, take your lining and main pocket pieces and lay them right sides together. Pin or clip around the pocket, leaving a 1-2 inch opening to turn pocket right side out. Sew together. Turn right side out, and press. (You may find clipping corners and sides helps to reduce bulk)
Follow steps 1-10 in the pattern tutorial, then return.
Now to add the pocket to the dress! Line up your upper pocket edge with the line you drew earlier. Pin around. I find it easiest to lay my bodice and pocket piece flat on the floor or cutting mat while pinning. Pinning while flat helps to keep the pocket straight and in place.
Sew the pocket to the bodice along the top, bottom, and straight sides (the angled side will be our pocket opening!).
Return to step 14 in the tutorial, and finish your Trixie!
That is it! A quick and easy add-on that makes such a fun and sweet sporty extra! I love how the front pocket lets us play with fabric coordinates as well! I can’t wait to see all of your creations, because really, what is better than a dress with pockets?!
Fabrics from The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabrics and Purple Seamstress Fabrics


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