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Willow Sew Along Day 4

Today we need to finish our skirts and set our gathering stitches. 

All version will start with sewing up the sides of your skirt pieces. 

If you chose a ruffle hem you’ll have a little more work to do than the rest of us. It will be worth it for sure so don’t be jealous when we all head to bed and you’re still pinning. Prepare your ruffle by sewing your pieces in a loop and pressing up your hem. 

Go ahead and attach the ruffle to the bottom of your skirt, I like to create multiple gathering stitches, one for each quarter of the ruffle. This gives me more control as I gather and helps prevent broken threads!

I chose the unique, curved hem because it is cool and different and I love that. I don’t love hemming curves so I chose to hem using single fold bias tape. I shared this before in the fan group but it is a life saver for those who love curved hems but also have perfectionist tendencies…

I sew the bias tape to the right side of my hem.

Then I press open and then press up again so the bias tape only shows on the inside of the skirt.

I like to finish the hem by sewing with the bias tape facing up. Be sure to use a coordinating thread in your bobbin and insure your tension is balanced so the needle thread does not get pulled up and show on the outside – especially if you are using two different colored threads. 

Once you’ve hemmed your skirt, sew your gathering stitches across the top and snap a picture because we’re done for the day! Share your photos for a chance to win a free pattern!

Tomorrow we will finish our Willows!


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