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Let's Welcome 2 New Designers to the SLPco Team

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The Simple Life Pattern Company is growing, and I am very excited to announce two new designers to our team. We have Gemia Carroll and LaRae McMullen, who will both be designing girl's patterns. Gemia will also be working on some pattern add-ons for teen sizes for our more popular patterns. LaRae will be starting a boys line for all the cool hipster boys out there!  So, lets meet them: 

Gemia Carroll

Hi! My name is Gemia Carroll. I fell in love with the art of sewing shortly after beginning my family. I wanted to make something special for my new little girl. Five children and almost 11 years later, I still love the process of combining fabrics, assembling patterns, and creating a garment. It is not only an exercise in creativity for me but also an expression of my love and devotion to my family. I like to tell a story when I create a garment by using different fabrics, prints, colors, and detailed yet simple techniques. To sustain my addiction, I run a fabric shop on Etsy called Phat Quarters with my friend Leah. I am a photographer and a self proclaimed artist of whatever medium fits my fancy on any particular day. I grew up in the hills and on the beaches of Los Angles, and I now explore the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Isn't her family just so cute! 

Let's get to know LaRae a little more now..

Inspired to create, I am an artist at heart. Mother of two amazing although crazy kids and wife to an Airforce husband, I love all things artistic.

I was born and raised in Washington State, and I have always been a creative soul. I started sewing with my mom and grandma at a very young age. Later in my teen years, I began making quilt tops with my aunt for wounded warriors. I have always enjoyed anything design wise or creative. My senior project was interior design, and I designed a bathroom in my home…with sponge painted walls! I promise, it used to be trendy!

Married at age 23, my husband Kyle decided to join the Airforce and I've been a military wife for over 12 years now. I have moved from place to place rebuilding my home each time, but also enjoying all the new areas. I have lived in Japan, Louisiana, California and am currently stationed in Germany. I had my first child, Ashlyn, in Okinawa, Japan, and began sewing children’s clothes for her. Just 11 months later my son Hayden was born.

My hobbies include photography, graphic design, sewing, cooking, traveling, and light hiking. I love to go on adventures with my kids and husband, and we try and travel as much as possible to see the world.

I have had several jobs with moving so often: retail supervisor at Safeway, administrative assistant at a wine distributing company, bank teller coordinator in Japan, boutique owner and creative designer in Louisiana, and dental biller in California. I have loved every one of them.

I am very excited to start a new venture designing and bringing my ideas to life with the Simple Life Pattern Company.

I am very excited to see what the future holds for us. These wonderful and talented ladies have some cute designs in store for you so keep an eye out!

Happy Sewing, 

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