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Meet Eleri

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Hello amazing SLPco Fans! 

I am so thrilled to introduce myself to you today. I'm Eleri, wife, proud mother of four children, and a sewing-obsessed crafter! I have been most recently sharing my creations at Sew and Tell Project with three of my best friends.

I love Simple Life Pattern Company patterns so I am so excited to be able to share the #SLPcolife with you all across social media! I will be joining the SLPco team as an administrative assistant and creative blogger. I can't wait to get to know you all in the SLPco Fan Group on Facebook! Make sure you follow the page to stay in touch for new releases and sales!

You may have joined us today from my fun 4th of July Adelyn peplum top at Sew and Tell Project. This is the spot you want to be if you want to learn how to make the darling little shoulder bows I used on my Adelyn. 

Are you ready for my quick and easy tutorial to make those darling little shoulder bows to embellish your Adelyn or other SLPco knit top? It's sew easy! Just grab your favorite fabrics, your bodice piece, and a rotary mat, rotary cutter, and ruler. 

In this tutorial, I am using a nice thick cotton lycra knit, but you can play around with fabric types and weights to achieve different looks. 

Adding Simple Shoulder Bow Embellishments to Any Knit Top

First, take your bodice. We are going to use it to determine what size bow to make to embellish your Adelyn or other SLPco knit top/dress. In my case, I have already cut out a size 7 Adelyn. Measure your shoulder seam. My shoulder seam is 3”.

Step 2: Turn your ruler or measuring tape to measure how long you want your bow to be. Your bow will be slightly centered forward over the shoulder seam when finished. I want mine to end roughly 2” in front of the shoulder seam, so I multiply this by 2 for 4.”

Step three: Cut out 4 rectangles using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat based on your measurements in Step 1 and 2. Since I want my finished bows to be 3” by 4” and I want to use ½” seam allowance (to make the math and cutting easier) I cut out four rectangles 4” by 5”. Adjust your rectangles accordingly for the fullness and length that you want.

Step four: Place two rectangles wrong sides together, and stitch along 3 sides leaving the bottom open. Use sharp scissors to clip your corners, and use a tool or chopstick to push out the corners.

Step 5: Turn your rectangle right sides out and press. Make sure your corners are nice and sharp. Tuck raw edges under ½” and press.

Step 6: Edgestitch to close your bow.This edge will be hidden when we apply it to your bodice. Press well. 

Step 7: Cut out your tie for your bow. I cut out a 2" x 3" piece of contrast fabric. You want your tie to be small enough to nip in the center of your bow. Sew up the short sides. I pinked the edge to reduce bulk for my next step. 

Step 8: Leaving tube wrong sides out, fold both raw edges toward the center, and press. When you turn your tie right side out, all edges will be concealed for finishing the bow. 

Step 9: Slide your tie onto your bow. To get a nice shape to your bow, you may either pleat and baste the center of the bow before adding the tie, or do a couple gathering rows. I pleated and basted. 

Step 10: Decide where you want your bow to hit on the shoulder. I wanted mine to be more visible from the front, so I offset my bow so the top of the red tie lined up at the shoulder seam. I then marked where I would need to stitch the top of the bow. Remember the edgestitching in step 6? This is where I'm going to hide it. I flip my bow upside down on top of the mark I made and stitch the bow down. You do not need to stitch all away across, but make sure your stitching is neat and secure. 

Step 11: Flip bow back down. You are now going to slide the top only of red tie up toward where you just tacked the bow down. You will then stitch the center of your bow to your tank. Again, it doesn't need to be all the way across. Just enough to secure it to your tank. If you catch the bottom of the red tie in your stitching, that keeps your red tie from shifting up and down the bow as well.

See below. I raise the red tie and push away and then stitch in the center on my machine.

Step 12: Since I got such a nice clean finish on the top part of my bow, I want to do the same on the bottom. I use my fingers to gently roll the bottom seam of the bow toward the center tie. I use a narrow zig zag to sew a little bit along just one edge of the bottom "puff" of the bow. I can then press my bow down flat again. Press bow nice and flat against your bodice.

While these last few steps of machine sewing may seam a bit finicky, they are invisible from the outside when finished, and allow you to embellish with a bow without any handsewing.

Optional: My cut edges of my red tie have not unrolled to become visible, but you may secure them for an invisible finish with optional hand sewing at the end of your project.

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