13 Days of Halloween: Baby Yoda

Hi!  This is Tamar again with one last Star Wars themed costume for the 13 days of Halloween.  My daughters are slightly obsessed with star wars.  If you remember from my last blog, they even called their baby brother “baby yoda” before he was born.  So, how could he be anything else for Halloween? 

We also live in Minnesota where it is completely possible to have snow on Halloween.  Because of the cold weather, I love making hoodies into Halloween costumes.  They’re just so practical, warm, and cute.  Cypress is a great option for a hoodie costume!  I used the simple version for this costume, sized up to obtain a loose tunic look, added a faux placket and some ears, and made simple faux fur cuffs.


For the hood, separate your pattern pieces along the page break.  Cut the margin at ⅜ inch (seam allowance).

Cut out two front parts of the hood (mirror image) and two back parts of the hood (mirror image).

Tape your pattern piece together as normal and cut out the lining of your hood.

Next cut out the extra pieces.  You will need:

  • Two sets of mirror image ears (4 total)
  • Two mirror image inner ears
  • One faux placket (2 ¼ inches wide and slightly longer than your font bodice piece) 
  • Two faux fur cuffs (use the cut chart)
  • One faux fur collar (approximately 6.5 inches wide.  The length needs to comfortable fit around your model’s neck with a 3 inch overlap) (photo 3)

Finish by cutting out all the pieces required for the simple version of the Cypress.

Making the Ears

Cut two pieces of fusible foam ¼ inch smaller than your main ear pieces.  Iron on.

Sew your inner ear piece to the right side of the ears with the fusible foam back.  Sew the backs of the ears to the front of the ears right sides together.  Turn right side out and iron.

Fold the corners of the ear to the center and baste.

Center the ear on the back main hood piece.  Baste along the raw edges.

Place your front main hood piece on top of the back main hood piece right sides together with the ear sandwiched in between.

Sew along the long straight edge.  Repeat with other side of the hood.

Faux Placket

Fold the long edges ⅜ inch over to the wrong side.  Iron.

Center the placket on the front bodice piece and edgestitch in place.


Sew the faux fur cuffs according to the cuff instructions in Cypress.  I did not attach them to the sleeves, as I wanted the hoodie to be machine washable.  I sewed regular french terry cuffs to my hoodie and simply put the faux fur cuffs over the regular cuffs.

For the collar, sew the raw edges right sides together leaving a 1 inch gap for turning.  Turn right side out, topstitch the opening closed and attach the velcro as shown.

Finally, construct the hoodie by following the Cypress instructions.

When you are finished, enjoy all the oohs and aaahs as you take your little baby yoda trick-or-treating around the neighborhood!!