Inspired Halloween: Round Up

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for Simple Life Patterns’ Costumes and Halloween looks! To read more about how each of these costumes were created, simply click on the photo.

Baby Mario

This Baby Mario costume is made with two FREE costumes!

Princess Peach

Doing a family costume theme? Here’s Princess Peach to compliment your Baby Mario.


Do you have a Blippi fan in your house? This is an adorable costume, but can also be worn everyday!


A fun Bluey dress! Can you believe there was no pattern altering here? Just some appliques!

Gabby and Mercat

A great option for a two-kid costume theme – Gabby and Mercat!

Doc McStuffins and Lambie

Another two-kid costume theme option – Lambie and Doc McStuffins!

Ms. Frizzle

Take chances. make mistakes, and get MESSY! No magic school bus? no problem. Check out this Ms. Frizzle costume!

Mermaid Pants

Need a practical option for a mermaid costume? Check out this tutorial for mermaid PANTS! Much easier to trick-or-treat in than a tail.


The new Barbie movie was a pretty big hit! Here are some Barbie-inspired costumes.

Baby Yoda

Here’s another baby costume option – an adorable Grogu!


To go with your Baby Yoda, how about a Leia?


Three kids? Add a Chewbacca, too!

Wednesday Addams

“You severely underestimate my apathy…” It’s Wednesday Addams!

Circus Ringmaster

Not my circus, not my monkeys… Oh wait! Here’s a ringmaster costume for the circus lovers!

Disney Princesses

Practical princess? Yes please!


We’ve even got your traditional witch costume here!


There’s no place like home! Especially on Halloween. Check out this adult Dorothy costume!


Yet another CUTE baby costume option – Pebbles!


A simple Misty costume for the Pokemon fan. This could be another option for family costumes!


An intricate Cinderella – check it out!

Rainbow Brite

A retro Raibow Brite costume, straight from the 80’s!

Snow White

This is an excellent tutorial on how to do a princess sleeve for Snow White or a princess of choice.


Check out this unique unicorn costume!

Toy Story’s Jessie

I don’t think this Jessie costume could be cuter!

Halloween Looks

Ok, that’s it for costumes. But check out these other Halloween looks to get inspired!


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