Inspired Halloween: Super Mario Costumes!

Are you looking for the perfect DIY Baby Mario costume? Look no further! This simple costume is a great way to complete a family costume theme, or to add an adorable trick-or-treater to the gang. If you have some sewing experience, this costume will likely only take an hour or two of your time, and the outcome is pure sweetness.


To put this Baby Mario costume together, you will need:


The first thing to do is cut your hat and appliqué a Mario symbol front and center. Then complete the hat and the Baby Dakota pattern according to the pattern instructions. Next, square off the neckline of the “romper back” pattern piece and the “romper back lining” pattern piece. Cut two romper backs from the main fabric, and two romper back lining pieces from the lining fabric. Finally, sew the romper according to the pattern instructions, and hand sew two yellow buttons to the base of the straps at the front.

The perfect DIY Baby Mario costume is complete! Enjoy your adorable baby Mario on Halloween, a Super Mario party, or as an everyday look for extra smiles.

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  • Vickey Strong


    A darling little Mario.



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