Jayden: Star Student

Have you started planning your back to school sewing yet?  I’m on the blog today to share an idea for your “star” student, a short-sleeved jayden with a star applique.

To make the star applique, start by measuring your pattern piece to determine the dimensions of your star.  Remember to take seam allowances into account.  Use the front simple bodice piece for measuring purposes.

Print or draw a star that matches your desired dimensions.  I printed a star that was 18 inches long for my size 12 Jayden.  Tip: Search 18” printable star template in your favorite search engine.

Iron fusible web to the wrong side of your fabric.  Trace your star pattern on the paper backing of your fusible web.  Cut out the star shapes.  For a two layer star, you will need to cut out two full stars (in your two chosen colors).  Also cut out the bottom ⅓ of the star in both of your chosen colors.

Trim ⅜ inch off all sides of the top layer of your star.

Iron your full star pieces to your front top piece and trim to fit.

Sew around the edges of your applique.  I choose to use a narrow zigzag ⅛ inch from the edge.  Alternatively, you can use a straight stitch ⅛ inch from the edge or a satin stitch along the edge.

Overlap your pocket piece with your top front piece by the seam allowance.

Align the bottom star pieces with the top star piece.

Iron and stitch in place.

Lay the pocket piece on top of the bottom front piece.  Use scraps to complete the star on the bottom front piece.

Follow the instructions to complete the front of the Jayden.

To create short sleeves, measure and mark 3 inches down from each side of the base of the sleeve cap.  (This is the two points on the sleeve piece which are joined together to form the underarm seam)  Draw a straight line across your pattern piece connecting your marks.

To hem the sleeve, finish the raw edge, turn under ½ inch, and use a stretch stitch to sew ⅜ inch from the folded edge.

Finish according to the pattern instructions.

You can also put the star on the other side of the hoodie and pair it with Simple Life Pattern Company energize leggings.

Tamar Pfeiffer


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